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Gantry band saw machine series products

Equipment performance characteristics:
1. This machine tool is made of Taiwan technology, and can cut all kinds of ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals.
2. Gantry structure, the saw frame adopts guide rail to ensure the guiding accuracy, and the sawing is stable and reliable.
3. The jaw is hydraulically clamped, and the workpiece cut by sawing will not be loose, so as to avoid damage to the saw belt and protect the saw belt.
4. The ultra wide table is more suitable for square material sawing and mold material processing; the driving mechanism of the Saw machine is precisely balanced and corrected to reduce vibration to ensure that the saw belt is not easy to break or pull teeth.
5. Hydraulic feeding system, easy to feed.
6. Mechanical power chip cleaning device can effectively clean the iron chips between the sawteeth and extend the service life of the saw belt.

▶ Longhua has an independent design and production line.
▶ All product attributes are based on customer needs,products can be customized according to customer needs.
▶ The main goal is to solve the actual problems of customers.

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